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An In-Depth Overview of Different Types of Traders Car Insurance Policies

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Traders car insurance is also referred to as a motor trade insurance or road risk insurance policy. If you operate a business involving buying, repairing, selling and/or servicing cars, or if you operate a garage or MOT centre, then you can take out such an insurance policy. It does not matter how large or small your business or whether you work full time or part time.

There are actually different types of traders car insurance policies and they cover different things.

Third Party Traders/Motor/Road Risk Car Insurance

Car traders, who buy and sell cars, repair, restore or service cars, and/or run a garage or MOT center, are required to have at least a Third Party Only policy, as per the law. If you have your name on such a policy, you will be able to drive any car that is related to the car trade and you will be covered for damage you end up causing to another party’s car.

Third Party Fire & Theft Traders/Motor/Road Risk Car Insurance

Along with the above, this type of traders/motor/road risk car insurance will also cover any fire-related damage or loss that your car sustains, or if your car gets stolen. Of course, it will also cover any third party claims, damage or injury.

Comprehensive Traders/Motor/Road Risk Car Insurance

In addition to everything that the above policies cover, a comprehensive policy will also cover any damage your car, or a car you are responsible for, ends up sustaining as a result of an accident.

Traders/Motor/Road Risk Car Liability Insurance

Employer’s liability, product liability and public liability are included in this type of a policy. If you acquire employer’s liability, you will be indemnified if any of your employees sustain an injury. With product liability, you will be indemnified from any accidental damage that is caused to any property in the process of buying or selling new or used cars. You will also be indemnified from accidental damage caused in the process of selling or supplying products connected with your car trade business, garage or MOT center. With public liability, you will be indemnified from any damage or loss you end up causing to any property or any injury you end up causing to the public.

Why You Need Traders Car Insurance?

It is required by the law, which means that if you are a car trader and you do not take out one of the above insurance policies, you will be breaking the law. Moreover, with a traders/motor/road risk car insurance policy, you will be able to drive your own car and commercial cars that you own and are registered to you. You will even be able to drive cars connected with your car trade business.

Some additional benefits of traders/motor/road risk car insurance include:

= All the drivers whose names are on the policy will be insured
= You can even avail high performance vehicle coverage
= You may even include motorcycle coverage if you want to


Your car trade business, garage or MOT centre likely has unique needs. Only an experience provider will understand this and will provide an ideal traders car insurance solution that will suit the needs of your business. As a result, the insurance policy you will end up acquiring will suit your business perfectly.…

Improving Your Health and Fitness Program Using a GPS Watch

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The latest technological advancement has seen the introduction of GPS watches that make use of a network of global satellites to track movements. In most countries, sports and health professionals recommend utilization of GPS watches to determine how fast athletes are running, swimming or riding bikes. Regardless of the geographical location, you are in, GPS watch will precisely measure not only the real-time speed but also the average and maximum speed. Additionally, these watches track the exercise distance and functions as your odometer for workout routine needs. You might be thinking of having one for yourself or buying it as a gift for a close friend after considering the few highlighted benefits. However, these are just a few of them, and thus, you should read on to get a clear understanding of the GPS watches, the technology applicable and how you can use them to enhance your workout experience to achieve your health and fitness goals.

How does GPS watch improve your training program?

When most people hear about a GPS watch, they tend to think that it is for telling them the direction just like the advanced automobiles navigation systems. This is not how GPS watches function even though they employ similar but less sophisticated global positioning principles. The watch has signals that communicate to the global satellites to provide the exact location and your geographical coordinates every second as you exercise. Moreover, the satellites send back the signals to the watch to determine the distance and velocity between any sets of coordinates on the Earth’s surface.

Does this matter when working towards my fitness goals?

Yes. A GPS watch will provide you with the most critical details about your routine training or exercise that is quite hard to calculate, especially if you do not follow measured pathways. Regardless of the route, you take; you will certainly find out the distance covered as well as the velocity to help you adjust accordingly. With this crucial information, you can set new training targets, monitor your progress and eventually attain your fitness needs. More interestingly, you are not bound to use particular course since the GPS watches work efficiently in any location. If you want to reach your health and fitness goals, GPS watch is an excellent tool that you should have.

What are some of their main features?

The latest GPS watches heart rate monitoring feature that gives the heart rate besides the speed, time, and distances. Professional trainers support that you should train at the right intensity for better results, and since the heart rate presents accurate measure of exertion level, heart rate monitoring is crucial. Some of the GPS watches are compatible with computers to enable you to download, analyze and store the information on a computer. Additionally, the advanced watches have target speed alerts meant to help you customize it to suit your personal performance. The excellent feature notifies you when you go beyond any preset lower or upper speed limits. Lastly, you can set most of the GPS watches to inform when you cover the target distance. All these features ensure you keep fit and healthy through the proper routine workout.

If you want a great GPS watch, you should check out the Garmin Approach S6. For more information, check out this Garmin Approach S6 review.…